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Eric Chenoweth is co-founder and co-director of IDEE and was also Executive Director of the Committee in Support of Solidarity from 1981–88 (see About the Directors). He is also principal author of Democracy Web, an extracurricular resource web site of the Albert Shanker Institute that includes 12 chapters on basic principles of democracy together with 36 country studies. Mr. Chenoweth has written and published widely on Eastern Europe and democracy issues and below are selected recent articles.

An Allegory in Court

By Eric Chenoweth

I testified in a Polish court recently. That in itself is not unusual. I saw many people in the hallways of the administrative court building waiting to testify […]

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AFL-CIO Support for Solidarity

AFL-CIO  Support for Solidarity: Political, Moral, Financial by Eric Chenoweth

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Common Elements of Successful Opposition to Communism in Eastern Europe

By Eric Chenoweth and Irena Lasota

The following essay was written in 1999 as one of several Democracy Pamphlets, which were prepared as a series and translated into Spanish for distribution in Cuba for the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe’s Democracy for Cuba program. Other Democracy Pamphlets in English are available at IDEE’s original web site (see Cuba Democracy Pamphlets).


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