IDEE’s Special Report “25 Years After 1989: Reflections on Unfinished Revolutions.”


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This new web site of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe ( is being launched as part of its “25 Years After 1989–91” project and hosts all current activities, posts, and publications of IDEE. The first step in the project was an IDEE seminar held in Warsaw, Poland on October 3–5, 2014, which gathered 22 veterans of the 1989–91 Revolutions in Eastern Europe and the nations that gained independence from the Soviet Union to assess what happened in 1989–91, the different outcomes of those revolutions, and the current state of the post-communist region. IDEE has published a Special Report, titled “25 Years After 1989–91: Reflections on Unfinished Revolutions”), which provides the summary, findings, and recommendations of the seminar as well as a special issue of Uncaptive Minds, IDEE’s former journal of information and analysis on the region, which includes the edited proceedings of the seminar (papers, responses, and discussion among participants).  The new site will also host current materials related to the theme of the seminar and the current crisis in the region as well as new digitalized archives of the organization’s work since 1985, including, as they become available, the previous volumes of Uncaptive Minds from 1988–97. These will be provided in the Archives tab.

IDEE is also maintaining its previous web site,, so that it is possible to access the digital history of its web site posts from 1998–2014. In this way, readers may access all previous descriptions of its programs, activities reports, and articles and publications (including the Centers for Pluralism Newsletter, the Network of Independent Journalists’ Weekly Service, Chechnya Dispacthes, and Cuba Chronicle of Events and Cuba Assessment), as well as other digital media.

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