Centers for Pluralism:

Ten Years of Networking for Democracy

The Centers for Pluralism (CfP) program was begun in 1992 by the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe to support the development of a regional network of pro-democratic non-governmental organizations attempting to rebuild civic life on the rubble of communism. Initiated in six Central and Eastern European countries, it expanded to more than twenty-five countries and regions. Centers for Pluralism was the first regional response — copied afterwards by several others — to address the common challenges being faced by democratic activists in all postcommunist countries. The CfP program brought together hundreds of civic and pro-democracy forces across the broadest geographic, national, ethnic, and religious borders in an effort to share experiences, build common programs, and foster a regional community dedicated to democratic values.

An anniversary publication, Centers for Pluralism – Ten Years of Networking for Democracy, describes the achievements of the CfP Network in its first 10 years from the perspective of its members. (The links on this page provide the full PDF version. On IDEE’s original web page,, it is also downloadable in sections.)