IDEE’s Special Report “25 Years After 1989: Reflections on Unfinished Revolutions.”


The first issue of Uncaptive Minds.


The 25th issue of the Centers for Pluralism Newsletter (2001).



Mongolian edition of the Centers for Pluralism Newsletter, produced by the Center for Civic Education

IDEE Publications

IDEE’s publications have provided unique reporting, information and analysis on the region since 1988, starting with the journal Uncaptive Minds and then through its Centers for Pluralism and other programs (see below).

IDEE’s most recent publications are an IDEE Special Report, “25 Years After 1989–91: Reflections on Unfinished Revolutions,” and a special issue of Uncaptive Minds, which includes the full proceedings of IDEE’s seminar held on October 3–5, 2014 in Warsaw, Poland with 22 veterans of the 1989–91 Revolutions in Eastern Europe and the nations that gained independence from the former Soviet Union. The IDEE Special Report and Special Issue of Uncaptive Minds offer invaluable analysis of the 1989-91 revolutions, the differing outcomes of the transitions from communism across the region, and ideas for dealing with the unfinished business of that era.
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Uncaptive Minds

Uncaptive Minds, published from 1988 to 1997 (34 issues), is IDEE’s most notable publication. It is the most comprehensive journal from this period about the transition from communism in Eastern Europe written by those in the region bringing about democratic change. It remains important both for its historical content — one can find the full range of opposition and democratic voices in the region during one of the most important periods of political transformation in world history — and also for understanding the current situation in the region. Indeed, much of what today is considered accepted knowledge about the region was first identified, predicted, or analyzed in Uncaptive Minds years earlier. (See also description at IDEE’s original web site. Indexes are available by issue, author, and country.)

Digital Archives: IDEE is in the process of scanning all nine volumes of Uncaptive Minds. The first three issues are available here. (See also IDEE’s Archives section.).*

Print Editions: Print versions of Uncaptive Minds may be ordered from IDEE either in a full set at a total cost of $300 plus postage and handling or individually at $10 per issue plus postage and handling. Requests or inquiries may be made at For orders, please make checks payable to IDEE and send to the address below or use this web site’s PayPal link (include “Uncaptive Minds” in purpose). The publication is also available at many major university and public libraries in the U.S. and parts of Western and Eastern Europe.

Centers for Pluralism Newsletter and 10th Anniversary Publication

As part of its Centers for Pluralism program, IDEE published the Centers for Pluralism Newsletter in English (28 issues from 1993 to 2003). It was also published in Azeri, Mongolian, Russian, and Ukrainian editions. The Newsletter provided useful information on civic organization and citizens’ participation, on the work of NGOs in the region, and networked members of the Centers for Pluralism network through a listing of contact information. In addition, IDEE’s publication marking the tenth anniversary of the Centers for Pluralism, issued in 2003, offers an interesting and thorough history of the CfP program from the perspective of its members. This publication and later issues of the Newsletter are available on IDEE’s previous web site through the links below.

Centers for Pluralism: Networking for Democracy: 10 Years
Centers for Pluralism Newsletter — Previous Issues (Nos. 19-28)*

* Print copies of “Ten Years of Networking for Democracy” and individual issues of the Centers for Pluralism Newsletter are available in original or photocopy format for $10 each plus postage and handling. Inquiries for ordering copies should be made to

Other Publications

As part of its programs, IDEE issued several other publications (links are below). The Network of Independent Journalists emerged out of the Centers for Pluralism and in 1994 began to issue dispatches in English from independent journalists throughout the region, a service coordinated by the STINA Press Agency in Croatia. In 1996, IDEE and STINA began publishing the NIJ Weekly Service in English, which lasted until 2003 (304 issues), offering a unique and direct perspective by independent journalists from the region about regional events. The Dispatches from Chechnya (34 issues, 2000–2005), written by Lecha Ilyasov of the Lam Center for Pluralism, provided vital news and information on the Russian Federation’s war against Chechnya and the struggle of citizens and civic organizations to survive the destruction. Cuba Chronicle of Events (2005-2008, 65 issues) and Cuba Assessment (2006–2009, 20 issues) reported and commented on political, social and economic conditions in Cuba and independent civic and political life and the harsh repression under which civil society and democracy activists struggled in the only country in the Soviet bloc that maintained its communist system. Many issues of the NIJ Weekly Service and the complete editions of the other publications are available on IDEE’s previous web site at the links below.

Network of Independent Journalists Weekly (1997-2003)
Dispatches from Chechnya (2000-2005)
Cuba Assessment and Cuba Chronicle of Events (2005-2008

In addition, IDEE published several series of pamphlets and books, including the Cuba Democracy Manuals, the ABCs of Democracy, and the Road to Solidarity (a compendium of documents of the Polish anti-communist opposition and the Solidarity trade union movement before and after martial law was imposed, which was published in six languages). These publications are also available in part or in full at IDEE’s original web site.

Cuba Democracy Pamphlets (1998 to 2002)
Democracy Manual: The ABCs of Democracy (2002) by Jakub Karpinski

All of IDEE’s prior publications, as well as listings of previously recommended articles, may be accessed through IDEE’s original web page here.


IDEE’s Special Issue of Uncaptive Minds, 2015.

IDEE's special issue of Uncaptive Minds on the Rise of Nationalism (no. 33-34).

IDEE’s 1997 special issue of Uncaptive Minds on the Rise of Nationalism (no. 33-34).



Cover of IDEE’s Ten-Year Anniversary publication of the Centers for Pluralism.


The NIJ Weekly Service published 304 issues from 1997 to 2003.


A Cuba Democracy Pamphlet, one of six on transition in Eastern Europe.