Seminar Papers

25 Years After 1989–91: Reflections on Unfinished Revolutions

At right are links to the individual papers presented at IDEE’s seminar, “25 Years After 1989: Time for Reflection on Unfinished Business,” organized in Warsaw, Poland on October 3–5, 2014. Each paper offers a case study on a country in the region according to different themes (see Seminar Program) and formed the starting point for the seminar discussion. By themselves, the seminar papers are important contributions to the study of transition from communism in the region.

The full proceedings of the seminar, including the presentations, are found in the special issue of Uncaptive Minds (“25 Years After 1989–91: Reflections on Unfinished Revolutions”). A separate IDEE Special Report provides a summary of the findings and recommendations and descriptions of the individual sessions.