Dances with Dictators: General Jaruzelski’s Revisionists

The following article appeared in the journal World Affairs in its September-October 2014 issue.

Twenty-five years ago, breakthrough elections were held in Poland that led, within three months, to the downfall of that country’s communist regime. The events helped to spark the Velvet Revolutions that spread, within the next six months, to Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Berlin, […]

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An Allegory in Court

By Eric Chenoweth

I testified in a Polish court recently. That in itself is not unusual. I saw many people in the hallways of the administrative court building waiting to testify in various proceedings. But my testimony was unusual. I am an American, living in New York, without any claims of […]

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AFL-CIO Support for Solidarity

AFL-CIO  Support for Solidarity: Political, Moral, Financial by Eric Chenoweth

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