The Missing Commemoration_Thoughts on the Meaning of Solidarity

The Missing Commemoration (1989)
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Zbigniew Romaszewski_A Life in Human Rights_Chenoweth_Sarmatian Review no. 415

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Solidarnosc Bulletin No. 1a

Solidarnosc Bulletin No. 1a

Solidarnosc Bulletin, No. 1, October 1981.

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Solidarity Lives flyer

A flyer of the Committee in Support of Solidarity---Irena Lasota's speech at the Committee's December 19, 1981 demonstration.
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1st CSS-organized demo_Dec 19 1981

The Committee in Support of Solidarity's first demonstration protesting martial law in Poland, joined by the AFL-CIO, on December 19, 1981 (republished from Zygmunt Malinowski's photo album "New York: City of Solidarity: Demonstrations in Support of Solidarity: 1981-82).
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CSS and IDEE founder Jakub Karpinski in Washington, DC.
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A list of political prisoners in Poland, July 1983-July 1984, showing the extent of repression after martial law was supposedly "lifted."
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CSS members-volunteers

Members of the Committee in Support of Solidarity, 1982.
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CSS_JKarpinski_1982 Demo

Committee in Support of Solidarity founder Jakub Karpinski leading one of its demonstrations in New York City.
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CSS_Reports No. 4 Cover

An issue of the Committee in Support of Solidarity Reports, July 1982.
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